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The Tasks

20 years of sailing along the market forces through times; great, good and challenging - -quite so often, has brought us now to a critical size, capability and maturity - to use the oars in charting our future in a certain direction.

Focus on Products and customer segments

While we make a good set of our products ourselves we source quite a few from other manufacturers but as per our specifications which are all evolved out of structured design development. In building competitive customer value in our sourced products we work through a systematic vendor development program under which we work closely with the chosen manufacturers partnering them with our product research and development efforts.


We hope our planned research work on customer value enhancement would in all possibilities result in a string of incremental innovations in the medium to long term – to the delight of our customers. Beyond superior product values, innovations we are working on include marketing initiatives which deliver values to our customers in an equal measure.

As an enterprise we are small, yet we have consciously chosen, as a prime business strategy, to compete with companies much, much larger than us essentially on the thinking about the finer fundamentals of the business and indeed act as such as best as we can. That approach compels us to work with targets on product values to customers, innovations and social responsibility - beyond merely longing for bigger revenues.

Our urge to compete with large companies on finer aspects of management and responsibility is largely influenced by the customer set we serve. For years now we have been trusted suppliers for a clientele who are mostly large and highly reputed.

Competitive Branding

Our work targets are not revenue focused. They are essentially on tasks that create and augment customer values. We don't believe in shallow promotions. We hope to connect with our customers through a set of well thought out brand programs that provide values to them beyond what they experience in using our products.

Growth management at Excel Sales Syndicate is being directed by Mr Om Prakash Tiwary who founded the firm way back 1997 as a tiny, manual production unit making Liquid Soap and Phenyle.

Having developed the business single handedly over the years, adding products and production facilities, Mr Om Prakash Tiwary, a meritorious Science graduate is now gearing up for transition of the business to level next building in professional methods across management functions.

In building competitive collective competence all executives across functions and levels are being trained on a perpetual basis in endowing them with competitive knowledge and skills – as a prime competition strategy.

In line with our intention to compete with much larger organizations on finer management aspects we work with knowledge specialists on product development and often seek professional support in strategizing for growth.

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