Difference between Tissue Paper and Toilet Paper

Differencebetween TissuePaperandToiletPaper

Tissue paper and toilet paper look alike but there is a difference in the usage and the material from which they are made. Tissue papers are mainly used to wipe nose and hands while toilet papers are used in the restroom after urination and defecation. Toilet papers are also known as restroom tissue paper and they are usually packed in rolls whereas tissue papers are packed infoldings and bundles. Tissue papers are soft and do not have much strength on the other hand toilet papers have more strength compared to tissue papers.

Both tissue paper and toilet paper are manufactured by the same process but during pulping, the amount of addition of sodium sulfide makes the difference in the strength and softness of the paper. The toilet paper has characteristics of strong water-absorbing capacity, safety from parthenogenic bacteria, no holes, uniform wrinkles, and no impurities. If the double rolls of the toilet papers are produced the punching pitch should be uniform, it should be easily tearable.

Coming to the usage, the tissue papers are less used compared to the toilet papers because on average people go for urination 5 to 7 times a day while 1 to 3 times for defecation a day. For the single usage of the restroom, some 1 to 3 strips of toilet paper are used.

Tissue papers and toilet papers are used for hygiene and they are a part of our daily habits. There are multiple reasons to use tissue papers, they have various advantages also. Tissues are commonly available everywhere nowadays.