Disinfectant Tissue Paper to Fight Against Corona Virus in India

Excel Tissue Blog

We all are witnessing the crisis faced by the world due to coronavirus disease outbreak from the beginning of 2020, almost all human activities and movements are banned by the Government until the further orders. River water is getting cleaner, pollution level has dropped below critical, animals are roaming freely on the roads and wondering where the humans are, birds are chirping all day, rain began to shower, flowers began to blossom and mangoes began to ripen but the humans all over the world are suffering from the coronavirus disease. Since the disease is newly identified and right now no vaccine is available to cure this maintaining personal hygiene is an important step to fight against the disease. The production of personal hygiene products has been increased to meet the demand in this pandemic.

Excel tissues have started the manufacturing of disinfectant tissue at an affordable rate as a step to prevent the spread of the disease. Disinfectant tissues are sprinkled with disinfectants during manufacturing that will kill the microbes so there is a low risk of disease spread and the tissue can be used safely. The usage is as simple as normal tissue paper, the quality and safety are not compromised.