Disposable Napkin Tissue Manufacturer from Bangalore

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There is more than one fifty disposable napkin tissue manufacturer in Bangalore, many of them are unknown to the common people. Here are the 10 best-rated tissue manufacturers listed on JustDial website:

1. Excel Tissues
About: 20 years of sailing along the market has brought us to a critical size, capability, and maturity – to use the oars in charting our future in a certain direction. We believe that the volume of sales reflects the depth of customer trust in the products, and that constant thinking towards enhancing it is the key to progressive sales. we have drawn up to make our product sets comprehensive in tune with specialty customer segments who we hope to serve most efficiently. They are Hotels, Hospitals, and Corporate Offices. We have recently entered the retail segment in South India. Chennai, Kerala, Pondy, and Hyderabad. While we make a good set of our products ourselves, we source quite a few from other manufacturers but as per our specifications which are all evolved out of structured design development. In building competitive customer value in our sourced products we work through a systematic vendor development program under which we work closely with the chosen manufacturers partnering them with our product research and development efforts.

Products: Hankies, Napkins, Kitchen Tissue, Restroom Tissue, Washroom Tissue, Tissue Dispensers, Branding Boxes.

About: “J K Paper offers a wide range of tissues and non-tissue hygiene products to institutions including Hotels, Hospitals, and the Hospitality Industry like the Service apartments, etc. We are proud to say that we are the best tissue paper suppliers in Bangalore. We have nationwide distribution channels supported by warehouses in Bangalore to ensure that you get your preferred products wherever your tissue needs are, every time, all the time.”

Services: Restroom Solutions, Party Orders, Tissue Printing, Training for your staff.

3. Origami Tissues
About: Origami was started in 1995 and has today grown to become the leading producer of paper disposables in India with a presence in the consumer (retail) market, Institutional supplies, exports, promotional, party products, and private label segments. We are now an integrated player, with our own tissue paper production facility and conversion facilities across the county. We provide both reach and a product range including Paper Napkins, Toilet Tissue Rolls, Facial Tissues, Kitchen Towel, Hand Towels, Pocket Tissues, Wet Wipes, Paper Plates, Paper Cups and Table Covers. Products: We currently provide supplies in Private Labels to customers building their in-house range. Our Product range, geographic reach, and inventory provides reliability, lower lead times, standardization, and cost savings. We are supplying to leading supermarkets and other customers across India and export markets.

4. Mitta Papers
About:Mitta Papers is established in the year 2008, is one of the leading Indian converters of tissue paper for domestic and industrial needs. We understand the needs of a market and the importance of factors like innovations. We use Eco-friendly processes resulting in the most superior quality product at reasonable prices. For us, the customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and our aim is to bring the product of the highest quality. Our team is technically skilled and experienced executives’ work in sync with the manufacturing processes, aims at bringing the best to our customers in time. We always target a hassle-free and easy business transactions which in turn satisfies our vision of seeing our customers gleam with happiness.

Products: Face Tissue box, Napkins, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Towel, Hand Towel, Pocket Tissues.

5. Premier Tissues INDIA Ltd
About:Premier Tissues India Ltd., is a subsidiary of RUBFILA International Limited, India’s largest paper company. Premier Tissues India Ltd., established in 1998, has been a pioneer in bringing world-class tissue products to Indian consumers and is amongst leading manufacturers and exporters of tissues in India.PREMIER offers a wide range of tissues and non-tissue hygiene products under its brand names; PREMIER, ETIQUETTE and ROYAL, each catering to distinctive needs, occasion, and lifestyle of its consumers.

Products: Facial Tissues, Handkerchief, Wet Wipes, Kitchen Towels, Napkins, Printed Napkins, Toilet Rolls, Aluminium Foils, Cling Film.

6. Fortune Tissue Products
About: Kosher Tissue Products Pvt Ltd is 13 years young, very potential, and is determined to play a dominant role in the market for paper tissue products. Our company and its staff believe in manufacturing issue papers of the finest quality in the most hygienic conditions. All our products are manufactured by using best-in-class raw materials. At Kosher Tissue Products Pvt. Ltd. you can experience stress-free, easy, and transparent business transactions. Customer satisfaction is the only thing we seek in our business. Our product range encased in our four brands(Kosher, Kosher GoldMark, and Regal) is comprehensive and caters to both home and institutional segments - through an evolving network of dealers, distributors, retail partners, and online sales channels.

Products: Freshwipes, Napkins, Rest Room Tissues & Speciality Products, Washroom Towels, Customized Products, Garments.

7. Midas Tissues
About: We are a manufacturer of different types of tissue paper products, we will supply the best quality and bulk quantities of tissue papers according to your needs at wholesale price. People expect napkins of paper when they consume food. Know more about the uses and aspects of tissue paper in daily life.

Products: facial tissues, wipes, kitchen towels, toilet rolls, Disposable paper napkin, Paper napkins in a restaurant, Tissue paper for DIY projects.

8. J P Paper Products
About: J P Paper Products has started its operations in 2002 having its Head office in Bangalore, (INDIA). And operating all over India, we are into the retail business, corporate supply and Private labeling of Tissues in all over India. In a very short span of time we have has gained the confidence of most of the customers. It is only because of the quality and service we provide. Today we proudly stand as one of the Recognized companies in the Tissue business. We are currently focused in the Indian market for Retail business and export to other countries for Wholesale Business. We have our own Brand “LAUTUS” for Retail business And “JUST CLEAN” for Corporate supply. We are not just tissue converter and supplier, we are a solution provider.

Since Quality of the products and the service that has been provided by J P PAPER PRODUCTS. We have a lot of valued clients which include most of the leading hotels, restaurants, Hospitals, Clinics, Leading Retailers, Exporters, and wholesalers. J P Paper products have started its business after thorough market research, understanding the needs of the current market and customer. We use modern technology and state of the art machinery. We use Eco-friendly raw material to produce quality products. Genuine raw material originating from different parts of the world to match the inherent requirements of our products.

The secret of J P Paper products success is not only the quality and the service but also providing solutions to the industry colleagues and customers. We have a team of Technical experts who understands the needs of our clients and develop their own designs and convert them to our High-quality products. We invest a major portion in Research and development to understand how to improve ourselves so that we give quality products to our customers and to reach the top in the Tissue market.

Products: Dispensers, Facial Tissue, Kitchen Towel Rolls, Pocket Tissues, Serviettes tissues, Toilet Rolls.

9. Vijaya Tissues
About: Vijaya Tissues is one of the leading “Tissue Paper Convector” in Bangalore, established in 2004 and certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) under the brand name Feather Soft. We manufacture and supply environment-friendly Tissue paper products that are used for Domestic, Corporate, and Industrial Purposes. Our state of the art manufacturing facility enables us to produce high quality Tissue paper products with contemporary designs and patterns. To ensure efficient handling of the latest machinery, our organization has appointed highly experienced engineers and technicians. It is due to our spacious warehouse that we are able to store these products effectively. These products are available in bulk with standardized packaging that ensures delivery of hassle-free product while transportation. This has made it possible to achieve a rapid completion of orders that can meet the quality standard as promised to the customer.

Products: Toilet Roll, Paper Napkin, C-Fold Towel, Tissue Paper Box, N-Fold Towel, Hard Roll Towel, Bed Roll, Jumbo Roll.

10. Supreme Tissues
About: Future Corporate Services is the company established in 2013. Future Corporate Services are the manufacturer of Tissue paper products and Non-woven products, also suppliers of the Housekeeping, Stationery, and Corporate Gifting. Future Corporate Services manufacture's Tissue paper products under the Brand name "SUPREME", which is well known for its Precise Quality products in the Industry.

Products: Tissue Paper Products, Non-Woven Products, Housekeeping Products, Corporate Gifting, Stationery Products.