Disposable Napkin Tissue Pros and Cons

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Disposable napkin tissues are an essential part of dining nowadays used in order to maintain hygiene. They are easily available in the market and the demand is also increasing. Disposable napkin tissues are one-time use and should be dumped after every single use. Most of the tissues are made up of recyclable material and the same can be used as raw material for new products and they do not pollute the environment. People are aware of this cause and are using in more numbers, to meet their demands businessmen have set up their own tissue paper factory in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and other metro cities. Setting up tissue papers in urban areas helps to reduce transportation costs as urban peoples are the major users of the tissues.

Bangalore the Silicon City of India has a variety of restaurants and hotels and is more exposed to the latest technologies. With a population of more than one crore, it is also a hub for business and startups. The number of tissue paper wholesale suppliers in Bangalore is also rising to meet the demands along with generating revenues. There are more than 10 tissue products available in the market that includes facial tissue, table tissues, restroom tissues, car tissues, napkin tissues, kitchen tissues, etc. Some colored tissues are also used for the table decoration.

The use of disposable napkin tissues has both pros and cons, the pros are many but the cons have a limited number. Let us have a look at both:


  • ● It helps to maintain hygiene.
  • ● It is soft and easy to use.
  • ● It can be used anywhere as it is lightweight to carry.
  • ● It helps to stop the spread of disease.
  • ● It can be used for decoration.
  • ● Most of the tissues are ecofriendly.
  • ● Negligible side effects on the skin.
  • ● It is very thin and easily gets dissolved in the water.


  • ● The production of tissues favors more cutting of trees.
  • ● Once it gets wet cannot be used further.
  • ● Some premium tissues are costlier.
  • ● The burning of tissue paper emits toxic gases.
  • ● May cause irritations to some people due to the presence of bleach.