Guide on how and where to dispose of used tissue paper

Is using tissue paper is good or bad for health

We all are generating hundreds of used tissue papers daily as they are of single-use. They are just thin and soft papers and cannot be used multiple times. If you are using tissue paper regularly in your home your dustbin will be filled with used tissue papers. You may be recycling wastes generated from your home, the wastes may be papers, plastics, cardboards, paper cups, pizza boxes, newspapers, electronics wastes, organic wastes, etc.

You may also be wondering whether the tissue paper is recyclable or not. If yes how and where to dispose of used tissue papers. The answer is NO you can't recycle tissue paper as a lot of tissue paper is made from already recycled paper. It means it cannot be recycled again, the fibers are too short and will result in poor pulp in the whole recycling process. Also, more tissue papers used for wiping and sanitary means, it is extremely unpleasant for recycling and rather they have to be disposed of.

What to do?

Check with your local municipal corporation about how and where to dispose of used tissue papers as they are non-recyclable. If the waste collector person comes daily to collect the waste dump it in the waste collector vehicle. It is recommended to put used tissue paper in your compost pile instead of throwing it away. Do not burn the paper wastes as they will pollute the air and release an unpleasant smell.

Tissue papers are not hard and break down easily when dissolved in the water. Coffee cups are not recyclable, they are actually lined with plastic. To recycle coffee cups, waste management facilities should have special machinery that separates the plastic lining from the cup.

It is a good step and our responsibility to recycle the wastes that are able to recycle wherever possible. Taking these steps leads to less pollution in the environment.