History of Excel Tissues

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Excel tissue is the leading brand name for tissue products and branding boxes in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka. Our clients include luxurious hotels, hospitals, and corporate offices. We have been sailing in the sea of business for more than 20 years. Started in 1997 by making and selling liquid soap and phenyl, now we have set up our own manufacturing and distribution center in the city of Bengaluru and we are among top Kitchen tissue paper supplier in Bangalore, and also recently we have expanded our business into the retail segment across South India covering major cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and also in Kerala.

Late in 2001, we jumped into the trading of tissue products from housekeeping materials. Till 2017 we had been in trading of various home cleaning products on a small scale, later in 2018, we entered into Retail Market in South India by setting up our own tissue paper factory in Bangalore. In these 20 years of time, our challenging situations has taught us many things and shaped us with enough capability and maturity to move ahead with the business in the right direction.

Our primary motto was to focus on products and customer segments by supplying them with good quality products along with competitive market prices. This was only possible with structured design and development and working through a systematic vendor development program. As time moves on, the competition in the market becomes tough considering the equality and price, we closely started working the manufacturing partners for the product research and development. We continuously work fo the innovative products and search for every possibility to enhance customer value. We always aim to supply our customers with superior quality products.

We have a clear vision of working with targets on product values to customers who always think innovative and socially responsible towards the customer and society. Our urge to compete with large companies on finer aspects of management and responsibility is largely influenced by the customer set we serve. For years now we have been trusted suppliers for a clientele who are mostly large and highly reputed.