How Tissue Paper is Different from other Papers?

How Tissue Paper is Different from other Papers?

The use of tissue papers has become a common habit that is included in our lifestyle. Tissue papers are widely used as a part of personal hygiene and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The use of tissue paper ranges from the table, napkin, washroom, facial, car tissue, etc. For the food business, it has become a necessity to rely on tissue papers due to its favorable properties. Tissues have some other properties which set it apart from the other tissue papers.

1. Absorbing capacity

  • The absorbing capacity of the tissue paper depends on the roughness of the paper. The rougher the tissue paper is, the more is its absorbing capacity. Different tissue papers have different absorbing capacity depending on their roughness.

2. Basis weight

  • Basis weight is defined as the mass per unit area in the fabric industry. For tissue basis weight is its weight for a certain number of sheets. The average basis weight for the tissue paper is 480.

3. Caliper

  • Caliper is a measurement of the thickness of tissue paper. Caliper is an instrument used to measure the thickness of thin materials that is usually in the range of micrometers.

4. Brightness

  • There are certain international standards that have to be met for the brightness for the manufacture of the tissue papers. It is measured along with colors under indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. There are different standards for different tissue papers.

5. Stretch

  • The stretchability of the tissue paper comes from a process called crepe control during the manufacture of tissue paper. During the microfold of the paper, the stretching property is attained.

6. Appearance

  • Appearance is the most important factor for any product to sell. Customers tend to buy more products if they found it an attractive appearance.

7. Comfort

  • Comfort is what makes the tissue paper different from the other tissue paper. Nobody would opt to clean their face with newspaper over tissue paper. Because tissue papers are specifically designed to make comfortable to use.