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Excel tissue is one of the leading tissue paper manufacturer and tissue paper suppliers in Bangalore. It manufactures and supplies products that include napkins, kitchen tissue, restroom tissues, washroom tissues, tissue dispenser, branding boxes, table tissues, and car tissues under its three different brands namely Excel, Keeno, Clean 360. All these products come in the best quality that is suited for your hygiene needs for home, hotels, cafes, restaurants, round tables, facial, etc. The quality of the tissue paper is unmatched. The excel tissues have established their identity in the market due to its high-quality tissue paper products. Excel tissue products are available in the leading stores and supermarts. If you are unable to find Excel tissue at your nearest store you can order it on the e-commerce website Flipkart.

There are more than 20 different products under the brand name Excel that include dining napkins, restroom rolls, kitchen tissue papers, napkins, M fold washroom napkins, snack napkins, and car tissue. The tissue paper is manufactured with utmost care to meet the demand of the customer. More people are getting aware of personal hygiene and are tending to use tissue papers for their daily needs. Tissue papers are different from the other papers and are soft to touch and feel. In recent times the demand for tissue papers is on rising due to its various benefits, so we have been introducing a wide range of tissue paper products in the market. So think tissue, think Excel tissues because we have every kind of tissue paper product required for different kinds of use.

Benefits of using tissue papers:

It is always recommended by health experts to maintain personal hygiene as it is an important factor for health. Poor personal hygiene leads to illness. Tissue paper plays an important role in maintaining personal hygiene. At hospitals, tissue papers and tissue towels are more preferred for cleaning than any cleaning like dryers. The continuous usage of single cloth towel in the kitchen may also lead to the growth of germs and it can infect humans so tissue towel is preferred over cloth towel. The tissue papers are found to stop the spread fo the infectious disease.

The tissue paper can be used only once so the same tissue paper cannot be used by another person and the disease can not spread from one person to another. The benefits of using tissue papers include:

  • 1. There is no risk of the transfer of infectious disease through tissue papers.
  • 2. It is of single-use and can be disposed of after every single use.
  • 3. Lightweight and can be carried easily.
  • 4. These are easily available almost everywhere.
  • 5. It can be used anywhere.
  • 6. It brings the refreshment.
  • 7. It has no side effects.
  • 8. They do not pollute the environment.
  • 9. It is highly recommended by the health experts along with the sanitizers, hand wash, and antiseptics.

The tissue paper is also on trend for decoration purpose. Aprt from personal hygiene people are also using it for their creativity such as decorating their dining table, making attractive crafts. Some times it is also used for cleaning tables and glas surfaces because the paper is soft and it do not make any scratches on the smooth surfaces.