Uses of Tissues at Home

Uses of Tissues at Home

Tissue papers are manufactured for the use of personal hygiene. They are found in restaurants, hotels, guest rooms, tables, washrooms, cars, kitchens, etc. The attempt to make tissue paper soft and beautiful is always in process and this has made tissues not only use for your personal hygiene but also for other uses like decoration and creativity. Tissues can also be manufactured in different colors depending on their needs with the size and quantity and are available in a range of small size napkins tissues to the bundle rolls.

We, humans, are adaptive and find a solution to every possible problem and also very good at using an alternative for every other thing. Quite often tissues are also used as an alternative for other papers while using paper as a waste who cares paper is just a paper. Below are some of the smartest way of using tissues:

1. Use it for table decoration

  • ● Decorate your dining table with tissues by making simple crafts using them, it will give a fine look to your table. Most of the tissues have a rectangular or square shape and are best suited for making crafts.

2. Clean your Desktop and TV screens

  • ● Use tissues to clean your desktop and TV screens with facial tissues as they are very soft and do not scratch the screen. Make sure you clean gently and do not apply excess pressure while on the screen while cleaning.

3. Make your table stand steady

  • ● Due to the uneven ground surface, the table stand may be wobbly and difficult to use. Make a ball using a pair of tissue papers and prop up the table leg to get the complete stability in an emergency. Do not forget to replace it the next day as the tissue paper will tear off when it comes in contact with water.

4. Wrap your precious pieces of jewelry before keeping in a purse

  • ● Your purse holds all your small items that are needed to carry while you step out. Some times people will throw their precious rings, necklaces, earrings, etc in their purse and later find difficult or lost. To avoid this first wrap your minute precious things in tissue paper and settle it inside a purse, it will be easy to find it later.

5. Use it with a book

  • ● Use a piece of tissue paper to insert on a page where you left off before closing so that next time when you open your books you won’t find difficulty in remembering where you had left off. Tissue paper can also be used to write important notes on them.

6. Use with slippery glass

  • ● While holding a glass of juice or cold coffee, the surface is slippery. Lift it with wrapping a tissue paper and the glass will not slip from your hand.

7. Use it with make-up kits

  • ● While you apply make-up there are chances that the cream/gel fells down or comes in close contact with your eyes, use a tissue paper to clean it gently. Even when you polish your nail, keep a tissue paper below so that the floor doesn’t get dirty.

8. Use it below your heels

  • ● Just fold tissue and put below your vulnerable heels to prevent from damage.

9. Tuck it into the toe of your shoes if it is big

  • ● If your shoe is a little bit big, make small balls of tissue paper and tuck it into the toe of your shoes.