Using Tissue a Healthy Hygiene Habit

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All human beings require air, water, and food as basic material to survive. There are millions of microorganisms present on the earth and each one have their own role in the ecosystem balance. Some are very useful to humans while some are harmful and cause disease to us. Without clean air, water, and the food we cannot sustain in the environment. Also, the way our lifestyle is cannot be ignored as it directly impacts our health, so personal hygiene is very important. Personal hygiene refers to keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and is classified as a healthy hygiene habit.

As we are already witnessing the importance of personal hygiene in this coronavirus pandemic, our health workers and leaders are urging to maintain social distance and to practice personal hygiene. For our and society’s safety, we need to adapt to some healthy habits like covering nose and mouth with good quality face mask, sanitizing frequently, using tissues while sneezing and coughing a later discarding it after use, eating healthy foods, keeping our surroundings clean, etc.

We also witnessed the upcoming demands of materials required for healthy hygiene habits in this pandemic, so we a ready to supply in an abundant quantity of various tissue paper products in the market to meet the demand as we are among the top Tissue Paper Manufacturer in Bangalore. Our products include face tissue, napkins, kitchen tissue, restroom tissue, washroom tissue, tissue dispenser, and branding boxes, all are manufactured without compromising the quality of the product hence we are titled as the best Facial tissue manufacturers in Bangalore.

Benefits of using tissue paper:

Using tissue paper in our daily life has the benefit of maintaining hygiene. People in western countries tend to use restroom tissue paper instead of water to clean after defecation as they feel uncomfortable to clean with water and believe that cleaning with tissue paper will cut the contact between hands and the waste, microbe transfer may occur from the waste.

Facial tissue papers can be replaced with handkerchiefs while sneezing and coughing. Since tissues are of single-use, it can be thrown right away after use reducing the spread of the microbes transfer discharged from the nasal fluids.

Since babies are more prone to the attack by the microbes, it is necessary that napkin tissues be used to clean the baby’s face frequently. We at Excel Tissues had done deep research on the tissue paper quality and its safety to maintain personal hygiene.

At some public places unnecessary touches should be prevented, so tissue dispenser can be used as there to attain zero contact.